Glossary of QMK terms

Dynamic Macro

A macro which has been recorded on the keyboard and which will be lost when the keyboard is unplugged or the computer rebooted.


Versioning software used at the commandline


A 2-byte number that represents a particular key. 0x00-0xFF are used for Basic Keycodes while 0x100-0xFFFF are used for Quantum Keycodes.


An array of keycodes mapped to a physical keyboard layout, which are processed on key presses and releases


A wiring pattern of columns and rows (and usually diodes) that enables the MCU to detect keypresses with a fewer number of pins


A feature that lets you send muiltple keypress events (hid reports) after having pressed only a single key.


A feature that lets you control your mouse cursor and click from your keyboard.

Tap Dance

A feature that lets you assign muiltple keycodes to the same key based on how many times you press it.

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