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APA102 Driver

This driver provides support for APA102 addressable RGB LEDs. They are similar to the WS2812 LEDs, but have increased data and refresh rates.


In most cases, the APA102 driver code is automatically included if you are using either the RGBLight or RGB Matrix feature with the apa102 driver set, and you would use those APIs instead.

However, if you need to use the driver standalone, add the following to your


You can then call the APA102 API by including apa102.h in your code.

Basic Configuration

Add the following to your config.h:

APA102_DI_PINNot definedThe GPIO pin connected to the DI pin of the first LED in the chain
APA102_CI_PINNot definedThe GPIO pin connected to the CI pin of the first LED in the chain
APA102_DEFAULT_BRIGHTNESS31The default global brightness level of the LEDs, from 0 to 31


void apa102_setleds(rgb_led_t *start_led, uint16_t num_leds)

Send RGB data to the APA102 LED chain.


  • rgb_led_t *start_led
    A pointer to the LED array.
  • uint16_t num_leds
    The length of the LED array.

void apa102_set_brightness(uint8_t brightness)

Set the global brightness.


  • uint8_t brightness
    The brightness level to set, from 0 to 31.