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QMK Configurator ‚Äč

QMK Configurator Screenshot

The QMK Configurator is an online graphical user interface that generates QMK Firmware .hex or .bin files.

It should be noted that Configurator cannot produce firmwares for keyboards using a different controller than they were designed for, i.e. an RP2040 controller on a board designed for pro micro. You will have to use the command line converters for this.

Watch the Video Tutorial. Many people find that is enough information to start programming their own keyboard.

The QMK Configurator works best with Chrome or Firefox.


Note: Files from other tools such as Keyboard Layout Editor (KLE), or kbfirmware will not be compatible with QMK Configurator. Do not load them, do not import them. QMK Configurator is a DIFFERENT tool.

Please refer to QMK Configurator: Step by Step.