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Tri Layers

This enables support for the OLKB style "Tri Layer" keycodes. These function similar to the MO (momentary) function key, but if both the "Lower" and "Upper" keys are pressed, it activates a third "Adjust" layer. To enable this functionality, add this line to your


Note that the "upper", "lower" and "adjust" names don't have a particular significance, they are just used to identify and clarify the behavior. Layers are processed from highest numeric value to lowest, however the values are not required to be consecutive.

For a detailed explanation of how the layer stack works, check out Keymap Overview.


QK_TRI_LAYER_LOWERTL_LOWRMomentarily enables the "lower" layer. Enables the "adjust" layer if the "upper" layer is also enabled.
QK_TRI_LAYER_UPPERTL_UPPRMomentarily enables the "upper" layer. Enables the "adjust" layer if the "lower" layer is also enabled.


To change the default values for the layers, you can change these defines, in your config.h

Config nameDefaultDescription
TRI_LAYER_LOWER_LAYER1Sets the default for the "lower" layer.
TRI_LAYER_UPPER_LAYER2Sets the default for the "upper" layer.
TRI_LAYER_ADJUST_LAYER3Sets the default for the "adjust" layer.

Eg, if you wanted to set the "Adjust" layer to be layer 5, you'd add this to your config.h:



Function nameDescription
set_tri_layer_lower_layer(layer)Changes the "lower" layer*.
set_tri_layer_upper_layer(layer)Changes the "upper" layer*.
set_tri_layer_adjust_layer(layer)Changes the "adjust" layer*.
set_tri_layer_layers(lower, upper, adjust)Sets the "lower", "upper" and "adjust" layers*.
get_tri_layer_lower_layer()Gets the current "lower" layer.
get_tri_layer_upper_layer()Gets the current "upper" layer.
get_tri_layer_adjust_layer()Gets the current "adjust" layer.


Note: these settings are not persistent, and will be reset to the default on power loss or power cycling of the controller.